We are chemists not only by profession but also with passion. Throughout our professional life we have gained experience that we share with the scientific community around the world.
Our scientific activity can be tracked here. Now we can also help you.

We offer a wide range of consulting services in the area of new products, materials and compositions with unique functional properties. In particular, we offer customized systems designed and optimized individually to meet requirements of our partners. An antimicrobial protection of wrapping paper for food packaging, an impregnation for concrete reducing development of fungi, molds and algae, are good examples of such cooperation. Our clients are often interested in using EU funding programs for innovative technologies or technological credits to support development of their innovative products.

The problems with polluted and contaminated air and surfaces appeared particularly appealing during pandemic. InPhoCat has developed transparent, thin photocatalytic coatings to protect outdoor and indoor surfaces from microbiological contamination. To enhance activity of such coatings in the areas illuminated only with visible light (lack of UV radiation) an innovative patented technology that sensitizes TiO2 to visible light has been adopted.

We have built fully equipped, independent chemical laboratories with highly qualified staff who understands your needs.